Masterclasses are an exclusive opportunity for all students who attended one of our amazing Scribble Ink courses to master their new skills. They are held each Saturday morning at Griffith University beginning at 9am for Session 1, and 10am for Session 2. This is the best tutoring program your child can attend to help them become outstanding writers. Masterclasses are offered at a special price of $40 per session paid for in 10 session blocks (Total $400 per term). We look forward to seeing you there!

Scribble Ink Masterclasses are great for:
NAPLAN preparation
REPORT writing
QCS preparation
CREATIVE writing

Want to speak further?

“This writing course has brought me from 1 to 1000. There would be no greater way to learn how to write.”

Tim Year 12

“This seminar¬†will teach you how to write amazingly. I can’t believe it.”

Katelyn Year 12

“When I joined the class, I first thought ‘What is there to learn?’. Wow! Lots, and I’m really grateful.”

James Year 9

“This year my writing definitely has become a lot stronger because of this course. The techniques make such a huge difference.”

Jackson Year 11