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Online Weekly Masterclasses

Welcome to Scribble Ink’s one-of-a-kind advanced writing system that will send your writing through the stratosphere. Awaiting you is a weekly Masterclass with Mr C himself guiding you through a suite of skills and drills that provide professional practice with precision. Unlock your real potential, and enjoy the learning benefits that will surely result from this course. We promise you’ll have fun while you learn – after all, it’s Mr C right? The weekly practice is the key to sustaining quality writing skills.


5 massive areas cripple student writing. We take you through in-depth explanations, and guide you through a series of activities to combat these problems. The difference it will make can be staggering!


How to avoid and replace overused auxiliary verbs.
How to avoid the trap of NOUN/VERB sentence starts.
5 professional sentence structures.
Using the 5 author sentence types.
Beginning sentences with our unique author starts.

These activities will help take your writing to a completely new level you most probably never thought possible. Students, parents, even teachers are amazed!

We are ready to commit. Are you?

Online Training Videos: Level One

So you’ve done the one day course and are looking for more tips on how to make your writing sing. Our in-depth videos are a great place to start. For under $20, you gain access to our entire suite of Level 1 training videos. It’s jam packed with extra details expanding on our one day course. This is a must for anybody wanting to continue to improve their new found skills.

So what's in the pack:

The Short Story Pitch
The Short Story Rules
The Short Story with Zing!
Academic Writing Tips
Persuasive Writing Tips
Research Essay Tips
Entrance Exam Writing Tips
Entrance Exam Writing Practice
Analytical Writing Tips
Oral Presentation Tips

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Online Training Videos: Level Two

Singing up to Scribble Ink’s Level 2 training videos screams one thing, and one thing only: you’re serious about your writing! And so are we. We love helping writers all over Australia learn to produce author quality work. These video packages certainly do that. For under $50 you can purchase each module separately and have them as an available resource to watch over and over as you desire. Mr C will take you through a lot of advanced concepts in a fun, energetic, easy to digest manner. Don’t miss out. You need these videos. Join us now in the Level 2 packages. You’ll be so glad you did.

AVAILABLE NOW: The Short Story
How to create an author quality Short Story. These in depth videos take you from creating a great idea, right through to masterful editing. You've never written a short story like this before.

Planning a great story
Using a tried and tested structure
Avoiding overuse of crippling words
The secret power of in-situation writing
Creating effective dialogue
The 5 author sentence types
A professional character paragraph
A professional setting paragraph
The flashback paragraph
Editing like a pro

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RECENTLY ADDED: The Research Essay
You've received a research assignment and you need help to understand how to do a great job. Watch these videos and get all the great tips that help you write a great essay.

Understanding the task
Planning the word budget
Research structure
Researching tips
Gathering evidenced
Writing style Dos
Writing style Donts
Writing the introduction
Writing the body paragraph
Writing the conclusion
Avoiding the crippling small words
The checklist - don’t submit without it

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