Lourdes Hill and Friends Special Event

The demands of writing in the senior school can be quite intense. Some students see it as a never-ending procession of writing task after writing task. There are so many things we can show you to drastically improve the quality of your written work, whether it's an English essay or a Chem report.

In just one day we will not only demonstrate how your current writing skills may be deficient, but show you simply and most effectively how to ignite your writing to levels you probably never thought possible. Essentially, we will unpack for you the author’s craft and give you expert tips that will dramatically improve your work and the writing of even the best Year 12 English student.

The Senior Scribblers writing course will take you beyond the best that various websites offer in relation to student exemplars. Your writing must stand out from the tens of thousands of other senior samples. We’ll show you how. And most importantly, the skills are transferable to every subject that requires a written response. You'll exit the course wishing you had learned these techniques long before.


Baseline Writing
Writing Problems
The Professional Short Story - The First 3 Paragraphs

Break 10:40-11:00 (Morning Tea provided)

17 Advanced Sentences

Break 12-12:30 (Lunch provided)

Stellar Sentence Starts
Writing's Secrets Part 1

Break 1:30 - 1:50 (Afternoon Tea provided)

Writing's Secrets Part 2
The QCS & NAPLAN Tests
Word Power
Punctuation Power

Review 2:50-3:00

Pickup 3:00pm

Want to speak further?

“This writing course has brought me from 1 to 1000. There would be no greater way to learn how to write.”

Tim Year 12

“This seminar will teach you how to write amazingly. I can’t believe it.”

Katelyn Year 12

“When I joined the class, I first thought ‘What is there to learn?’. Wow! Lots, and I’m really grateful.”

James Year 9

“This year my writing definitely has become a lot stronger because of this course. The techniques make such a huge difference.”

Jackson Year 11