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The best writing course for school students is here. Brisbane based company Scribble Ink is dramatically reversing the tables with a unique, ingenious and fresh approach to the teaching of writing. Our writing course wows students with their progress, parents are stunned, even educators can't believe the improvement in the writing of their students who attend a Scribble Ink writing course and weekly Masterclasses. The secret is out. Our students are winning awards, topping their grades and taking out prizes as they see their ability soar into realms previously undreamt of. As momentum gathers, we seek out partnerships with schools and P&Cs to maximise student exposure to our amazing techniques. It truly is making a tremendous difference to student confidence and writing skill. We welcome Scribblers of all ages. Join us now for the best writing course in Australia!

We Refute The Notion That Student Writing Ability Is Fixed

So what's the secret to our amazing writing course? Firstly, we reveal the common, 'weak writing' mistakes made by 99.5% of students from Grade 2 to 12. The problems fall into 4 basic categories: Structure, Expression, Word Choice and what we call Novelty - the secret art of fantastic literature. Next we breakdown the craft of the author (both fiction and non-fiction) and show students in our writing course that advanced writing is in fact simple. Finally we demonstrate our unique brand of techniques that literally turn student writing into powerful, emotive pieces that pack a massive literary punch. Thousands of students have attended our writing courses and 100% have communicated an improvement between 200 and 400 per cent. It really works! All students come away amazed! Due to parental demand, we opened our Masterclasses which operate on Saturday mornings and Monday afternoons. We are excited about offering homeschool and international students the same service with online Masterclasses coming soon. Students practise techniques which cover all forms of writing for all subjects - so important for high school success. We love what we do. We love seeing student enthusiasm and confidence explode. It can happen to your child too. Check out the tickets below to find out how they can join our Scribbler writing course program.


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Sample of a Yr6 student who began at a B level and did a Scribble Ink Writing Course. WOW, what progress!

Probing the scene, the recently recruited cautious agent new to the swamp environment, swiftly dodged toward an obscure shadow safe from the blinding, motion-detecting spotlights of the enemy camp, and from a crouched position scrutinised the jejune defences of the fortifications showing signs of a breakthrough from the allied offensive. For reasons unknown, the enemy positioned its heavy artillery along the impassable coastline, away from the imminent attack. Found in a terrible state, three parched documents contained the information he’d risked his life for. 

About Us

Scribble Ink is committed to the ongoing improvement of student writing. We are a team of educators operating in Australia, who recognise the need for introducing grammatical techniques and other features of quality writing to greatly enhance the skillset of students of all ages.

Schools across Australia continually battle the demands of a crowded curriculum while teachers of all subject areas simply cannot find space in their courses to teach the intricate demands of the written aspects of their assessment. Our tailored writing course pinpoints the deficiencies of student writing and addresses them with precision.

We have achieved outstanding success with students ranging from Year 2 to 12. Students come away from the writing course feeling empowered and confident that they now have the knowledge to produce writing of a much higher standard than before. The outcomes are simply staggering, and Scribble Ink is delighted to share these techniques with you and your child.

Nicholas Comino

With a passion for writing, and a 27 year career in education, former Principal Nic Comino ignites student audiences with his unique and entertaining brand of program delivery. His light yet energetic and engaging style has profoundly impacted students across Queensland and guarantees your child will come away from their course feeling empowered and enthused by the new skills they have acquired.
“Every student will improve!”

Lorena Petracci

Having spent a number of years as a Primary School teacher and having a family of her own, Lorena understands the importance of helping a child become the best they can be. As our Student Well-Being Manager, she and her team of support staff pride themselves on providing a safe learning environment for all course participants, big and small. All the staff at Scribble Ink are Blue Card accredited.

Anthony Petracci

As an Experienced Senior Teacher(English, History and Behaviour) and with more than 26 years experience, Anthony shares his teaching expertise as our Event Co-Ordinator. His organisational and management skills, as well as his ability to build a positive rapport with both students and their parents ensures a smooth running conference. He's also a father of two teenage boys and values the importance of maximising educational outcomes.

What our students say

“This writing course has brought me from 1 to 1000. There would be no greater way to learn how to write.”

Tim Year 12

“This seminar will teach you how to write amazingly. I can’t believe it.”

Katelyn Year 12

“When I joined the class, I first thought ‘What is there to learn?’. Wow! Lots, and I’m really grateful.”

James Year 9

“This year my writing definitely has become a lot stronger because of this course. The techniques make such a huge difference.”

Jackson Year 11