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GREAT NEWS! We're hosting the greatest writing skills development courses in the history of the universe. This term, join Mr P and Mr C for a series of intense writing skill lessons. Scribble TV is a revolutionary program running 3 nights a week for 30 minutes - just like real television. And our Thursday Scholarship Mastery classes will help you ace those quickfire writing tests. Students will be challenged to think and write like never before. There's fantastic opportunities at Scribble. Places are limited. Hurry, book now.


What's the Scribble Ink Secret?

'In a nutshell, our program teaches author writing techniques in a way students of all ages can understand, and apply! Make no mistake, quality writing is like learning a new language and it takes time and effort. But the results are simply outstanding. Students subscribe per term and engage in a 3 part process: Participate in our unique, energetic, informative workshops available live throughout the year, and online in our store. Join our weekly LIVE online writing Masterclasses, and watch our amazing resources available in our online store. Our online video store contains video packages of some of the best writing tuition you will find. Expert writing coach of 30 plus years, Mr C brings his enthusiastic, energetic and fresh approach to help students burst through the barriers of what they thought possible with their writing skills. Over 200 videos prepare students for so much writing, including: The Short Story, Persuasive Writing, Studying For Entrance Exams, The Research Report, Masterclasses and much more. Check out our courses. There’s something there for juniors (primary school age) and seniors (high school age).'


Just like piano, chess, dancing and athletics, writing is a skill that must be practised to be mastered. We currently operate 2 forty-five minute sessions on Wednesday afternoons to cater for the writing needs of our students. Join our unique masterclasses online and become a Scribbler today!

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Writing Workshops & School Programs

Explode your knowledge about writing and discover just how easy it is to produce amazing author-quality writing in our intensive one-day writing workshops. Thousands of students have been astounded by the improvement they have made in just one day. We show you the common mistakes made by students in their writing then replace them with our proven author techniques. The results are incredible. It’s the best six hours you can spend to enhance your writing.


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Testimonies From Our Students

"This writing course has brought me from 1 to 1000. There would be no greater way to learn how to write."

Year 12

"This seminar will teach you how to write amazingly. I can’t believe it."

Year 12

"Why haven't I learnt this stuff before?"

Year 9

"This year my writing definitely has become a lot stronger because of this course. The techniques make such a huge difference."

Year 11